1. Two Entry Visa Application Forms,

2. Two Report of Arrival Forms,

3. Four color photos (3×4 size) of applicant taken recently and one color photo in 5x7cm size, Four to be pasted on Entry Visa Application Forms and Report of Arrival Forms. The last photo (5×7 size) does not need to be pasted, just delivered with the other documents.

4.Two Forms of Compulsory Exchange.

5. A Recommendation letter from a Ministry in Myanmar stating the purpose of entry.

6. Valid passport (good for 12 months),

7. Air tickets copies of arrival and exit flights in/out

8. Air tickets copies of internal flights in Myanmar, if that is the case,

9. Hotel confirmation copy,

10. A Statement Letter informing that you are applying to the Multiple Journey  Entry Visa. This Statement can be handwritten or typed and must be signed.

11. Visa fees: Three months visa is R$ 800.00; Six months visa is R$1,600.00; Twelve months visa is R$ 2,400.00.

* Please note that the passport must have at least six months of validity and with at least two available visa pages.


Application Form for Entry Visa

Report of Arrival form


  • Print the Social Visa Application form, Report of Arrival Form and Form of Compulsory Exchange.
  • Fill out the form at your convenience
  • Visa fee: R$  650,00

Consular Office Hours:

  • Drop-Of / Pick-Up: 10:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

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