Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar

SHIS QI 07 – Cj 09 – Cs 02
Lago Sul
CEP: 71.615-290
TEL: 55 61 3248 3747- FAX: 3364 2747

Opening hours:       10:00 – 12:00 (morning)

Applications for all types of visas must be submitted in person at the Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar in Brasília.

The Embassy does not accept the application of visas by e-mail or mail/post (for example: DHL, Correios, etc.)

Aplicações para todos os tipos de vistos devem ser submetidas apenas pessoalmente na Embaixada da República da União de Mianmar em Brasília.

A Embaixada não aceita a applicação de vistos por meio de e-mail or correios (por exemplo: DHL, Correios, etc.).

Myanmar VISA On Arrival
Date of Commencement
1st June, 2012 (1-6-2012)
Types of Visa, Fees and Duration
Types of Visa Fees Duration
R$ 160,00
28 days
R$ 200,00
70 days
R$ 200,00
70 days
R$ 200,00
70 days
Starting International Airport
Yangon International Airport
Permitted list of countries (52 countries) that may apply for Visa On Arrival
Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Viet Nam, Australia, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States of America,Austria, Czech, Ireland, Malta, Slovakia, Belgium, Estonia, Isreal, Netherlands, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Canada, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, Cyprus, Hungary, Luxembourg, Romania, Nepal, Croatia, DPRK, Russia.
The Required Terms and Conditions for VISA ON ARRIVAL
The applicant shall-
 Have a valid passport not expiring for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Myanmar.
 Bring two recent (4 cm x 6 cm) color photos taken within the past six months.
 Have the letter of invitation from the sponsoring company in the event of first trip of business study. (Stay cannot be extended.)
 Be required to produce copies of company registration/ business license/ evidence of permission to do business issued by the ministries concerned together with the application if he is working in Myanmar.
 Fully mention the name of the factory, location, the sponsor and the position he holds if he is doing business with business visa.
 Apply for extension of visa with the recommendation of the ministries concerned as well as in accordance with the existing procedures if he is doing business with business visa.
 Produce letter of invitation by the ministries concerned if he is going to attend meetings, workshops, events and ceremonies.
 Not be allowed to engage in any sort of work with or without charges apart from the professions mentioned in the visa application form.
 Produce air ticket to the destination if he is applying for transit visa.
 Stay at the hotels, motels and guest house holding legal license issued by Myanmar Government, and factories and workshops legally permitted as well as human dwellings; and exactly mention the address he will stay at.
 Make a promise to strictly abide by the existing laws, rules, procedures, orders and directives issued by Myanmar Government.
 Have under-seven-year-old children accompanying parents in the passport granted visa free of charge; be able to produce the evidence of parent-children relationship if the children are holding separate passports.
 Not be allowed to travel to the restricted areas without seeking prior permission.
 Report to the office of the Township Immigration and National registration Department concerned at which he stays within Myanmar mentioning the address of hotels, motels, guest houses, factories and workshops legally permitted as well as human dwellings.
 Depart to the country which he has traveled from by the arrangement of the airline he is using if he is denied entry.
 Abide by the decision of the On Arrival Visa Scrutiny and Issuing Team.
 Apply for Visa On Arrival at Airport Immigration Section obtaining the application form either from the airlines in Myanmar or the following website the Ministry of Immigration and Population.


Validity: THREE  MONTHS from the date of issue for Foreign Independent Travellers and THREE  MONTHS for Package Tour Tourist for a maximum duration of stay of 28 days.


Visitors can arrange their tour through an authorized Travel Agency or directly through Myanmar Travels and Tours (State-owned). A confirmation of this arrangement of circuit must be attached to the application for visa.

Important: Without this confirmation, only FIT (Foreign Independent Traveller) visa will be issued to applicants.


Two visa tourist application forms (to fill in and sign).

Two  “report of arrival” form, (to present at the border).

valid passport and four photographs must be attached.


ENTRY VISA (for visit or business)

Validity: Three months from the date of issue.


Two entry visa application forms (to fill in and sign),

Two “report of arrival form”,

Your valid passport and four photos,

A letter from your company mentioning your position in the enterprise.

Copy of a letter or document from the organisations concerned in Myanmar will be
 helpful for prompt issue of a business visa.

In case of a visit, an invitation letter from the hosting person in Myanmar must be produced.

Visa fee : R$ 120,00- per person.

Multiple entry visa can be obtained on request for a maximum duration of one year and R$. 650,00 , for fee.


Photocopies of application forms can be made.


Foreign Exchange

Package Tour Visa (EVT) is issued on receiving a letter of invitation from a Tourist Company. Only Foreign Individual Traveler (FIT) is not required an invitation letter. FEC can be purchased with US$ or Pounds Sterling either in cash of Travelers Cheques. FECs are accepted by hotels, airlines, travel agencies, taxis, restaurants, and as payment of admission fees for museums, and pagodas. FECs can be exchanged for Kyats at market rates at Authorized Money Changers.American Express, Visa and Diner Credit Cards are accepted at airlines, major hotels, and supermarkets.

Airport Tax

Currently there are no airport taxes for domestic flights. At Yangon International Airport there is a current change of US$ 10 per person for international flights.


Completed immigration and customs declaration forms issued during the flight must be submitted on arrival. All foreign currency is excess of US$ 2000- plus jewellaries and electrical goods must declared to the customs at the Airport. For customs clearance, a Green Channel for visitors with nothing to declare and Red Channel for visitors with dutiable items.Note that exports of antiques, Buddha images and gems without official dealer’s receipt, is strictly prohibited. Baggage may be X-rayed or inspected before departure. Mobile phones of any type will be impounded and released on departure. Duty free allowance is (200) cigarettes and one liter of wine or spirit.

Myanmar On Arrival Visa


Permission of Entry into and Departure from Myanmar-Thai Border Gates

Under the agreement between the Union of Myanmar Government and the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand, the following border entrances/ exits have been designated as international entrances/ exits with effect from 0800 hours on the 28th August 2013(Wednesday), and those Myanmar and Thai citizens as well as Third country citizens holding valid passport with visa will be permitted to enter and depart from Myanmar.

(a) Tachilek – Maisai

(b) Myawaddy – Mesok

(c) Htee Kee – Phunaron

(d) Kawthoung – Ranong

Those who enter/ depart from the aforesaid International entrance/ exits will be permitted to enter/ depart from any International entrance/ exits of Myanmar; Nay Pyi Taw International Airport, Yangon International Airport, Mandalay International Airport, Tachilek, Myawaddy, Htee Kee and Kawthoung.

Regarding the permit of stay, extension of stay and the visa fees, the rules and regulation are the same as before depending on the type of visa for which application has been made to be able to enter Myanmar.

Under the current circumstances, Visa On Arrival is not issued yet at the international entrances/ exits as mentioned in the paragraph(1).

The Visitors are permitted to travel everywhere except the restricted areas designated by the Ministry of Home Affair in its Notification 77/2013 issued on 15-1-2013 (The list of restricted areas is available at border entrances / exits) .

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