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Visitantes on line

Hot Line Phones (for Myanmar citizens only)
+55 61 99976-6564 (Ambassador hand phone)
+55 61 99975-2514 (Administration phone number)

Embassy phone number (for visa applicants and other matters)

+55 61 3248-3747







Services provided for Myanmar nationals to every website visitor.

By facilitating on-line access to essential information on the useful topics related to Myanmar, We believe that this website could enhance the advantages and quality of our consular services to Brazilian and could provide with useful information to the people who wish to visit our country, the businessmen who are interested in investing in our country and could also provide with services to the Myanmar communities. We sincerely hope that you will find this website interesting, useful and beneficial. For further detailed information, you are cordially invited to contact to our Embassy and we are ready to fulfill your questions.

Thank you.

Embassy of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar







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